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White rug

When you purchase a rug, what do you hope to gain? If you're concerned with warmth, comfort, and beauty, than this natural organic rug is exactly what you're looking for. Based on the organic fibres, this rug will naturally entrap heat, making it the perfect choice for colder climate homes and cabins.

Another key advantage to natural rugs, in comparison to synthetic, is that they're more eco-friendly. Being a natural product, organic rugs are high in quality, offering warmth and comfort. Although they're slightly more expensive than synthetic versions, natural organic rugs are made to last longer.

A white rug is clean and modern, brightening up an otherwise dull room. By choosing white, you can add splashes of colour throughout your living space. Colourful accents and unique design features, allow you to showcase your personal style, as you cosy-up to this stunning white rug.

Of course, it's an incredible design addition, but it's also extremely functional. It's warm and large enough for you to lie down if you wish. After a long day, nothing beats warming up by the fire, curled up by your thick, rustic rug.

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