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About us

A unique brand and business, originally established in 1999, Atlanticwool was created in order to celebrate and showcase the remoteness of its islands and surrounding community.

We aim to take you on a journey — transporting you back in time. Our visitors are able to witness real sheepskins, better understanding the overall process, while appreciating the quality craftsmanship behind our rugs. At Atlanticwool, we specialise in just that — the production of decorative longwool lambskins from the Faroe Islands, ready to export to you.

To better understand who we are, it’s important to know where we come from. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago and autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. You’ll find us situated between the North Atlantic Ocean and Norwegian Sea, approximately halfway between Shetland and Iceland. As you can imagine, the natural beauty of our islands is simply breathtaking and the people within the surrounding communities are just as vibrant. Amazingly, sheep over number people — with 50,000 residents and 75,000 sheep, you can understand why we were inspired.

In terms of the rugs we produce, Faroese wool is unique in comparison to other varieties from around the world. Generally, sheep are bred for clothing, so they are white in colouration. Of course, this allows producers to dye the wool any colour with ease. Also, these sheep tend to have short hair and the wool is more dense. While focusing on clothing, yes, these qualities are desirable.

Unlike your average sheep, the Faroese sheep have both short and long hair. Hidden beneath their long, beautiful hair, lies short hairs that are not always easy to access, in comparison to their short-haired counterparts. Based on this reason, Faroese sheep are not the best option for wool breeding. Instead, they provide us with sheepskins that are unlike any other — resulting in the most beautifully-made home décor rugs in the world.

Why you ask? What makes Faroese sheepskins so special?

Well, quality is one thing — our rugs are both traditional and high in quality. Using both short and long hairs within the same rug not only provides unique character, but this combination allows you to see all the different colours. Offering rugs in four colourations — black, grey, brown, and white, there is an option for every taste and style.

Can’t choose? No problem — we also offer multi-coloured options, such as black and grey; white and brown; and so on. These options are absolutely stunning, offering you a unique, one-of-a-kind rug that will instantly elevate your living space.

At Atlanticwool, our rugs bring you warmth, comfort, and beauty — so welcome a little piece of the Faroe Islands into your home, cottage, or cabin today.