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Brindled rug

A good-quality rug can add a lot to an open space, offering, comfort, warmth, and beauty. Natural organic fibres are superior to synthetic fibres for a wide range of reasons — both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Due to the natural shape of organic fibres, this rug will entrap air, creating a thermal-like layer.

Being a more eco-friendly option, you also feel good about purchasing this natural rug. There aren’t any downsides to these rugs, except that they cost slightly more than synthetic varieties. When you think about what you receive, however, there is no comparison — these rugs are high-quality and are made to last longer.

A brindled rug is both unique and welcoming — it adds a real rustic vibe to any space. Being two-toned in colouration, it adds a funky, yet modern touch to your living area. Regardless of your style, a brindled rug can be paired with so many design elements, making it an impressive piece to add to your home or cabin.

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